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Have you ever had that one extremely creepy teacher who you are 100% SURE he or she was a fucking pedophile? That ONE teacher who needs a serious background check? In middle school, my seventh grade science teacher, and I also had him for homeroom and a science elective. At first I didn't really see anything wrong with him.

Near the beginning of seventh grade, I'm walking into homeroom early, unlike every single kid who actually has people to hang out with. My teacher comes up to talk to me. Okay, normal. He asks, "You are in one of my other classes, right?" I confirm his believes and yes, he's still normal. He puts his hand on my fucking shoulder and says, "How ya feelin'?" I just shrug it off and say that I'm fine.  

Later I notice him fucking flirting with the teenage girls sitting right next to me, and I'm not fucking kidding. What was even more creepy was that the girl was going along with it. She actually just said to him, "I know you like me." Mind you, I'm sitting RIGHT NEXT TO HER watching the ENTIRE thing. He says, "I do." The entire rest of the class, she keeps calling him baby and shit.

I heard he is retired now. But gosh. What a god damn CREEP. I really should have told my mom about it before when I had the chance. That man is too creepy to be a school teacher and should have had an EXTREME background check.
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Submitted on
November 28, 2012